who is sora?


In the musical metropolis of New Orleans, it’s easy to be typecast into a genre. For the young pop songwriter sora, labels are meant to be broken. 

Forging his own path, sora takes a timeless approach by taking emotional and personal experiences and bringing them to life, using a vast arsenal of sounds and influences and unique, striking visuals. The end result is pop rock for the digital age. Alt-pop made easy.

With a heart as big as his sound, this up-and-coming pop sensation is ready to show the world what he's made of.

sora released his first full-length album, PARAMOUNT, on June 14th, 2019, and features singles from both The Insomniac EP: Sleepless Nights on Illuminated Roads and EP gloire as well as singles "Love's Worth" and "Only For Tonight", culminating in a 17-track sonic adventure.

photo credit: Daniel Waghorne (https://www.adventuresofdaniel.com/)

photo credit: Daniel Waghorne (https://www.adventuresofdaniel.com/)