who is sora?


In the musical metropolis of New Orleans, it’s easy to be typecast into a genre. For the young pop songwriter sora, labels are meant to be broken.  

Forging his own path, sora takes a timeless approach by taking emotional and personal experiences and bringing them to life, using a vast arsenal of sounds and influences paired with unique, striking visuals. The end result is music for the digital age. Alt-pop made easy.  

With a sound as big as his heart, this up-and-coming pop sensation is ready to show the world what he's made of. 

sora kickstarted his latest musical project, VOL.24, in June 2021, releasing a single a month with an accompanying music video and limited merch drops. Featuring the singles "Dance Single," "Body Party feat. Synamin Vixen and Laveau Contraire," "Love Devil," and many more, the project has seen sora explore, expand, and elevate his sound and overall artistry.

photo credit: Steff Katt (IG @steffkatt)