Upcoming May News

Heyheyhey! I figured it would be easier to summarize what all is happening this coming month!
  • My first appearance for May will be at the NOLA Rhythm Fest. It's been a while since I've performed, and I'm excited to hang out with y'all at what is bound to be a super fun event!
  • I will also be hanging out with the ladies and gentlemen involved with Paradiso Midwest, for their weekend event The Eternal Reverie. An event centered around Japanese street fashion, I will be joining Prince V of Jet Set Gypsies and HelloBatty to judge the first ever Midwest Ouji-san Beauty Pageant! There will be other exciting events during the weekend, so come out!
  • I'm super excited to announce that I've also released my first enamel pin! I'm all about fashion, and I've dreamed of designing my own pins, so I'm really excited about this. Get your own King Pin here!
  • Lastly...my next EP is coming soon. I can't say too much more right now, but keep your eyes peeled and your ears posted for more news.
For more information for the NOLA Rhythm Fest and The Eternal Reverie, check out the Shows page here.
Thanks so much, and let's make the most of this May!

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