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PARAMOUNT -out now-

Featuring singles "Hello, November" and "11:11" from The Insomniac EP: Sleepless Nights on Illuminated Roads and "King of Forever Alone" and "Holding Onto Nothing" from EP gloire, PARAMOUNT is sora's first full-length album release. The album consists of 17…

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My latest single, Love's Worth, dropped today! This song really means a lot to me, as it's been one I've worked on for years, ever since I heard and saw everything in a dream. Now that it's officially realized and…

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EP gloire Release Party

Following up his debut EP, sora is back with his new release, EP gloire! Featuring lead single "King of Forever Alone", this EP is jam packed with true emotion you can see, hear, and feel.

To celebrate…

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EP gloire
-August 18th, 2017-

1. King of Forever Alone
2. Wish We Never Met
3. Holding Onto Nothing
4. Comet Down
5. gloire (outro)
6. Soldier (Bonus Track)

Upcoming May News

Heyheyhey! I figured it would be easier to summarize what all is happening this coming month!
  • My first appearance for May will be at the NOLA Rhythm Fest. It's been a while since I've performed, and I'm excited…
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